I’m a graphic designer who enjoys visualizing ideas. I try my best to put concepts behind my every artwork.

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"I have compiled some of the works I have created over the past few years."


Re-Branding Remedy’s Kombucha

Remedy is a beverage company that specializes in offering a diverse selection of flavoured kombuchas to its customers. In order to maintain its position in the market and attract a wider audience, the company needed a redesign process that aimed to revamp its overall look and feel.As part of this process, the decided solution was to recreate its logo and develop a fresh, modern design for its carbonated kombucha range that would present the brand in a new light. The new visual identity features bold colours that convey a sense of excitement and vitality, while also emphasizing the company's commitment to health and wellness.With this new brand identity, Remedy is well-positioned to appeal to a wider range of customers who are looking for high-quality, delicious, and healthy beverages that meet their needs and preferences.

Designing Ford Battleford’s Map

As part of my work on Fort Battleford, I was assigned the task of designing a visually appealing map that would also serve as a useful guide for visitors to the area. Using a linear map as my reference, I focused on creating an interactive experience by adding written details alongside the location markings. To ensure that the most important areas of the map stood out, I used Pantone colors for the location markers, making them visually distinctive from the rest of the map.


Book Jacket

I was tasked with designing a book jacket for "The Vanishing Half" that would not only stand out on the shelves of a bookstore, but also provide a glimpse into the story's themes and characters. To make things more challenging, I was specifically instructed not to use any images in the design, and had to rely solely on text.

Despite this constraint, I was able to create a unique and compelling design that captures the essence of the story. I used bold and contrasting colors to make the title and author's name stand out, and incorporated typography in a way that adds to the overall aesthetic of the design. By using different font sizes, weights, and styles, I was able to convey important details about the story and characters without relying on images. The end result is a book jacket that not only stands out on the shelf, but also gives potential readers a taste of what they can expect from the story.


UI, UX, Prototype

As part of a team project, we were tasked with creating a language learning app prototype from scratch. Our process involved extensive research, design, and prototyping to ensure that the end result was functional, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use. Despite the challenges we faced along the way, we were able to produce an app that exceeded our expectations.

The final product was a sleek and user-friendly language learning tool that we were proud to present. Overall, this project allowed us to showcase our skills in app development and design, and we learned a great deal from the experience.


Brand Toolkit

In this project, I had the opportunity to choose an organization, conduct extensive research on it, design its logo and develop a creative brief to guide the branding process. Using this information, I designed a brand toolkit that would meet the client's specific needs and demands. This project allowed me to hone my research and design skills, as well as gain valuable experience working with a client to meet their objectives. The end result was a comprehensive and visually appealing brand toolkit that effectively communicated the organization's values and goals. Overall, this project was a valuable learning experience that allowed me to showcase my skills and creativity in branding and design.

Brand Identity Redesign

My objective for this project was to research an existing brand and redesign its brand identity to improve its position in the market. Using research on the brand's history, values, target audience, and competitors, I set out to create a new logo and develop guidelines for typography, color scheme, and graphic elements.

By carefully considering typography, color schemes, and graphic elements, I created a visually appealing and engaging brand identity that effectively communicated the brand's message to its target audience. I also expanded the brand's demographics to ensure that the new identity resonated with a wider audience.

This project allowed me to showcase my skills in research, brand identity design, and creative problem-solving. Through my work, I was able to help the brand differentiate itself from its competitors and position itself more effectively in the market. Overall, I am proud of the refreshed brand identity I created and believe that it will have a positive impact on the brand's success going forward.


Letter Drop Caps

In this assignment, I was given the task of creating creative illustrations for the letters J and V. I chose to create a jumbo shrimp illustration for the letter J and a scary tree that naturally forms the shape of the letter V. My objective was to showcase my artistic ability and effectively convey the essence of the letters in a visually engaging way.

Google Doodle

For this project, I was assigned to design a Google Doodle for an event of my choice. I selected the hair freezing contest as my topic and created a unique and visually appealing artwork to represent it. My objective was to showcase my artistic abilities and effectively convey the essence of the hair freezing contest through the design. I paid careful attention to detail, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing artwork that captured the spirit of the event.

Illustrative Product Design Ad

In this project, I created a product using illustrative elements. I chose to design a humorous and manga style Durex ad. My goal was to showcase my creative skills by designing an innovative product with a unique visual appeal.

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